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About Us

Welcome to our web site offering photography competitions online.
We hope you enjoy using this site.
If you enter you could win first, second, third, or runner up.
This could unlock a spotlight page of your photography, with searchable links.
You can build as many links as you want.
If you are either searching for or trying to sell any goods or services, you are invited to create FREE adverts, we hope that as the web site grows this will become a great resource for all of our members.
Please read our terms & conditions.
Good luck.

Digital Photography Competitions ETHOS

Digital Photography Competitions ethos is to create a friendly, fun and interesting community for anyone with an interest in digital photography.
Our platform enables photographers to build relations with one another throughout the world. Users are able to create adverts to help them buy and sell equipment, services, and photographs or anything else, to compete on a regular basis in our monthly competitions, to build links to other websites, to promote yourself and/or business, to have your say, via messages or the user forum, to make full use of the searchable Spotlight page, by regularly entering competitions and completing their profiles.

As a not for profit organisation we have financial restrictions which we must adhere too. We need to ensure that Digital Photography Competitions continues to evolve and this community grows to encompass other photographers, models, manufacturers and service providers.
Hence we are calling upon our wonderful members to use the share panel in the footer, If you like this site, please give us a vote Facebook, Twitter, Google+1, Reddit, Instagram, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Diggit, Email a friend or Just Bookmark our site.

Other free ways you can help us grow this community are to add more information to your SPOTLIGHT page by editing your profiles, add some more links, and share your other work here.
Currently we are looking for sponsors to help us offer some more prizes which should make it even more worthwhile and enjoyable for all of our users. If you are in the position to offer us any sponsorship we would be very interested in hearing from you.

Thanks for your support, and continued participation.